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The Conflict Between Syrian Boys And Syrian Girls

As years pass the conflict in Syria continues to grow, as do the attacks on civilian populated areas . One of the latest attacks occurred on November 7th, 2014 hitting a school (Al Hayat Primary School). that resulted in the deaths of 11 children and injuring several other children. . It is clear that this brutal attack was executed in order to end lives of children. The Syrian Government needs to take steps in separating children from the conflict that is occurring. It is reported that Syria has over 258,200 slaves. Most of these slaves are children who are forced to take part in armed conflict. Syrian boys are forced in fighting while Syrian girls are being sold as child brides and forced into marriages .Children are being forced in adult situations every day, Manal a 16-year-old girl stated, â€Å"My father said I have to marry. I felt he was no longer able to support me† . Under international law children have the right to go to school and receive an education, however children in Syria are forced to work in order to support their families. Children do not have access to food, water and hospitals. Khaled was born in a refugee camp in Damascus, when Khaled was 14-months old he was found by humanitarian doctors who claimed that Khaled looked as if he was 5 months old. Khaled has been able to make a speedy recovery but there are many children like Khaled that don’t have access to food and hospitals. Since the conflict has started about 60% of hospitals in Syria are noShow MoreRelatedA Brief Note On The Syrian Civil War1708 Words   |  7 Pages2011, and it is now an ongoing civil war between the Syrian regime and Syrian rebels. All the civilians want is democracy in Syria, but the president, Bashar Al-Assad, does not want the government that way. To worsen the problem, a terrorist organization known as the Islamic State has dominated regions of the country, along with Iraq, in order to establish a theocracy. Sadly, children have even been kid napped or murdered by IS or the Syrian regime. The Syrian Civil War has resulted in dramatic physicalRead MoreTaking a Look at the Syrian Crisis723 Words   |  3 Pagesintensifying conflict and associated stress has had a growing impact on women and girls, forcing large numbers of them to flee to neighboring countries for fear of rape and sexual violence. Moreover, the situation in the country has deteriorated significantly with active hostilities raging between the Government forces and Shabbiha (militia pro government forces) on one hand and anti-Government armed groups on the other. Furthermore, there is aggressive violence and unrest between the Syrian oppositionRead MoreThe Context Of The Postcolonial Theory1110 Words   |  5 Pagesmade the Arab world under the telescope. The leaders of the Arab world had made the dourness appellation of their regimes to stop the Islamist and the oppositions to take the lead. Meanwhile, the Arab writers ponder to social-culture and religiou s conflict social injustice and socio-economic level that the Arab countries had reached. Thus, they reminisce the revolution of 1952, nationalism, their beloved leaders and the old days when the politics were choosing its representatives. The Arab writersRead MoreThe Evidence that Socialisation Plays a Major Part in Shaping Human Behaviour869 Words   |  4 Pagesextent to which human beings are being formed by biological inheritance (i.e. genetic determinism), or through socialisation (i.e. cultural determinism); the issue called nature-nurture debate. Another way to put this is the difference between instinct and learned behaviour, where instinct is inherited, and learned behaviour acquired through socialisation. Sociologists does not really consider instinctive behaviour; therefore, most sociologists would only accept there are inbornRead MoreSave The Children : The World s Leading Non Profit Organization2121 Words   |  9 Pagespeople s awareness, the organization combined thousands of photos provided through social media to create one image of a traumatic boy, representing the Syrian children refugees of the 3-year war. The campaign moved further when the organization made it an official alarm for people around the world with a video containing the scenario of what would happen with one little girl if the United Kingdom were within a war like Syria. The 1:34 video has touched thousands of hearts and attracted more than 43 millionRead MoreKohlberg s Theory Of Moral Development And Moral Maturity Essay1305 Words   |  6 PagesKohlberg defined three levels (pre-conventional, conventional and post-conventional) comprising each two stages of moral development, hence, a total of six stages: (1) Obedience and punishment, (2) individualism, instrumen talism, and exchange, (3) â€Å"good boy/girl†, (4) law and order, (5) social contract, (6) principled conscience (Barger, 2000). He believed that moral maturity is reached step-by-step, step. That is, one cannot skip a stage through this process or move back (Villanova University, n.d.). InRead MoreChild Soldiers : Fists Around Childhood s Neck1896 Words   |  8 Pagesgroups have no sense of international law or moral conscious and will not adhere to international child laws so as to continually bolster their ranks. In a conflict the most important resource is fighters, people to hold the line and fight for a cause. Sadly for some regions many of these soldiers are much younger than you would think, boy and girls sometimes just a mere 10 years old are either forced or willingly join the military in places like Syria or Sudan. â€Å"The picture by photojournalist GeorgesRead MoreJesus: Could he be derived from other deities? Essays1641 Words   |  7 PagesGod, our lord and savior who died on the cross for our sins and resurrected once again. God came to Mary and told her how she would be the mother and Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ. God gave her instruction to go to Bethlehem to birth the baby boy and on the date of which Jesus would be born. God also told the three wise men to follow the North Star and they will see the birthing of Jesus Christ. Jesus was born on December 25 from the virgin Mary. Jesus is the central figure of ChristianityRead MoreThe Battle Of The Ottoman Empire198 2 Words   |  8 PagesArmenian Genocide and supported Zionism. After WWII American policies regarding the Middle East dealt with fighting communism, changing the views that Arabs had of the U.S, and replace them with a pro-western views and to deal with the Arab-Israel conflict. The U.S wanted to ensure stable governments in the Middle East and encouraged decolonization. Syria During World War I Syria as part of the Ottoman Empire engaged in the murderess of the Christians as part of the Armenian Genocide. After WorldRead MoreReasons For The Country Of Iraq1505 Words   |  7 Pagescooler weather to southern Iraq along with rain however; northern Iraq can get extremely cold. (World Travel Guild) One of Iraq’s main topographical features known are the Euphrates River and the Tigris River that flow from the Turkish and Syrian Arab Republic borders in the north to the Gulf in the south. Northeast Iraq consists of mountainous terrain while the country in the west is arid desert. The soil surrounding the two rivers is fertile; but because they lack an effective irrigation

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